How To Mine Bitrika?

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How To Mine Bitrika?

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:58 pm

Bitrika Mining Process: First you need to create a TPIP Hyper Email Address. You can create TPIP Email Address from any Email Service Providers. You need to follow the this instruction to create a TPIP Hyper Email Address. Begin to create an Email Address. When you type your chosen unique email ID then add TPIP four letter at the end in capital. Then you must chose 12 digits Passwords. When you type the Passwords then add TPIP four letter in Capital. When you create your TPIP Email address then open the Email Address and delete the emails you have received from the service provider. Then use your TPIP Emaill Address to create your user ID in this Bitrika Talk Forum. Go to Registry and chose a user ID and add TPIP at the end of your chosen user ID. Chose a 12 digit Password and add TPIP at the end of your Password. Now click OK and go to your TPIP Email Address to confirm your registration. When it is confirmed your user ID is hyper connected with the Bitrika Mining Time Machine Bitcoin RH2. When ever you are Loged in to the Bitrika Talk Forum your TPIP user ID will be connected to the Mining Processors and you will be awarded Bitrika as long as you are online. You do not need to connect your PC to the Bitrika Network. You can use your PC as usual but keep your TPIP User ID online. Join today to mine Bitrika. There are 24 Million free Bitrika on distribution. Join and get free Bitrika. Each unit of Bitrika is £30 GBP.


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