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Bitrika.Com is the official website of Bitrika Digital Currency. Bitrika.Com is valued £60 Million Pound at its launching. In the next 2-5 years forecast Bitrika.Com will exceed the primary valuation of £60 million. Bitrika.Com 24% Percenage of shares are on sale. There are 10,000 finite shares is been created. Each unit of the Bitrika.Com share price is £6000 Pound Sterling. All the share holders investing in Bitrika.Com will benefit from interest plus profit share plans. The micro investors will be eligible instantly exchange their shares in to Bitrika Digital Currency and they will be given immunity to trade their invested shares on the Bitrika.Info Blockchain Marketing Platform. Therefor your micro invested money will be at your own Bitcoin RH2 Wallet in your own control. This is a great advantage for the investors in Bitrika.Com.


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